Under The Influence is a weekly talk show and podcast, co-hosted by Amy Marietta & Reesh Kalaichelvam, two socialites who explore & discuss big topics in modern culture by interviewing a highly curated list of top influences on pop culture. This duo stands out with their intimate and insightful laid-back celeb & expert interviews, honest & hilariously candid conversations, and refreshing content. There are no boundaries or filters as this show is meant to entertain, educate, and connect.

EVERY topic is up for discussion on Under The Influence. Entrepreneurship, escorts, feminism, mentorship, P Diddy parties, you name it.

They’re girl bosses. They’re BFFs. And they host a show in Los Angeles. Join them and get #undertheinfluenceshow.


Amy Marietta is the epitome of a millennial. She’s a content creator, influencer, model, and self-made entrepreneur. As a lifestyle blogger & influencer she covers all topics including fashion & style, beauty, travel, music, and more on her website and social media channels. She has been featured in a handful of publications for her work including ELLE, REFINERY 29, the NY TIMES, GLAMOUR, and COSMOPOLITAN which named her one of the top NYC fashion bloggers.

As an entrepreneur, Amy started her own luxury silk scarf brand, A.M. CLUB, in 2016. A.M. CLUB is now available across the world and gives back a percentage of profits to various charities she is passionate about, like saving the elephants and after school music programs for kids. Her scarves have been worn by a plethora of people you love, like Post Malone, Nombe, and De La Ghetto.


- Amy has lived in LA, NYC, and Miami.

- She worked in the corporate world as a marketing and social media director before starting her own business.

- She’s Italian & Maltese - like the cute dog.

- She’s traveled to over 25 different countries and is obsessed with making travel itineraries.

- You can follow her on Instagram @amy_marietta for daily updates.


Niresha Kalaichelvam, aka Reesh, was born in Sri Lanka, went to boarding school in India for grade school, then returned to Toronto for university. Living internationally has given her a unique perspective on life and love.

Shortly after moving to LA to model, she met the man of her dreams and married her now husband Al Shearer - the funniest guy you will ever meet.

An instant muse in any designer she wears, this fashionista & tastemaker models, acts and still finds time to own an event company that throws major events for all types of brands and people including Vanity Fair, Instagram, People Magazine, P Diddy, etc.

She is what we like to call the plug because she is friends with literally everyone due to her magnetic spirit and personality. She’s spicy, feisty, opinionated, and loyal af but will still give it to you straight, no chaser. And did we mention…she’s gorg!


- She has 2 adorable Yorkies - Leo & Hendrix, whom she adopted from The Weeknd.

- She’s besties with Harry Styles.

- She speaks 5 languages. Tamil, Singalese, Hindi, Telagu, and English.

- She’s been married for 12 years.

- She’s always mistaken for a white girl with an amazing tan.

- You can follow her on Instagram @srilankansunshine for daily updates.


Under The Influence is a winning mix of authentic entertainment, inspiring, relatable & funny conversations, and education through expertise interviews. This fiesty duo is passionate about inspiring men and women through their platform whether that’s by discussing how to build your first business, navigating the corporate world, or finding solutions for your relationships. Launched 2019!